ABOUT the campaign

No campaign or candidate can be successful without a team of people helping them. I am so proud to introduce my team to you. 


As a group, we have worked on 37 political campaigns at all levels, from local City Council and School Board races to Presidential races, and everything in between. I have worked on almost a dozen campaigns in the district over the last 5 years, and on state and national campaigns for more than 10 years. 


My core team has worked on the race to flip Texas 31 for three years, starting with my first campaign for the seat. The time and effort to invest in the district developing relationships and building grassroots networks are critical to winning this race. I founded groups of voter registrars in both Williamson and Bell counties, and these groups have registered more than 6500 voters in 2019 alone. These groups and networks form the base of people needed to flip a district like Texas 31. We cannot leave anything to chance: we must nominate a candidate who has shown the ability to organize and lead the diverse network necessary to win. 


My team includes members with political science, marketing and finance, and education degrees, giving us a broad range of training and experience necessary to win the race. We have engaged advisors from across the country who have experience with Congressional races. We have more than 70 in-district volunteers who are already calling, block walking, and sending postcards to voters. We have networks of out-of-district volunteers helping us reach out to voters for the Get Out The Vote effort. 


Please take a minute to get to know this team. We will continue to work hard through this election and after as we work to make a Texas 31 that works for everyone!

ABOUT the team

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for media inquires please email media@christine4congress.com

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