FORMER congressional  
  candidate AND JOURNALIST  
  laura moser  

Laura Moser is a journalist and activist. She is the founder of Daily Action and was a candidate for Congress in Texas' 7th congressional district in 2018. She lives in Houston with her husband, kids, and rescue cats.


Laura ran a vigorous campaign in a challenging district, making it to the Democratic Primary runoff. She has been a badass part of the resistance and a fierce defender of human rights. You may remember her from this article in Slate.


I’m thrilled to have her endorsement!

  FORMER congressional  

Mary Street Wilson has been a teacher, educator, administrator, and minister. The bulk of her twenty-year teaching career was at Austin Community College where she was a professor of mathematics. She also served as an assistant dean for math and sciences and as an assistant department chair for the mathematics department. Read More

From Mary: "Dr. Mann is committed to our community and representing those who need our government to work for us. Dr. Mann has my support!”

I’m blessed to have the support and endorsement of Mary Street Wilson. I got to know Mary when we were both running for Congress in 2018. Mary has always stood on the side of the less fortunate, so there is special meaning to me with this endorsement.

 Leadership expert, Best-Selling 
 Author, and Attorney 
 aya fubara eneli 

Aya Fubara Eneli is the CEO of Aya Eneli International, teaching leadership strategies designed to empower individuals to live purposeful lives. An attorney, two-time best-selling author, newspaper columnist, and sought-after speaker, she offers keynotes, workshops, seminars, and coaching. Read More

From Aya: "I’m supporting Christine Mann for where she stands on the issues and her courage and willingness to speak up for the most vulnerable in our state and nation."

I am so honored to have this next endorsement from my friend, activist, and all around role model for young women, Aya Fubara Eneli. You should find her on Facebook and follow her. She never fails to tell the truth.

 Former Texas Senate candidate 
 and community activist 
 meg walsh 

Meg Walsh, a single mom, moved to Round Rock Texas 21 years ago with her daughter Kathleen, age 9 at the time. Meg won the 2008 Elizabeth McHose Parker Williamson County volunteer of the year award (through the Round Rock Volunteer Center) for her work helping hundreds of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault at Hope Alliance. Read More

From Meg: "Christine is tough and tenacious and will fight for all marginalized peoples’ rights, the environment, voting rights, and a Congress that is for the people. Texans deserves to have Christine work for them."

This endorsement is very special to me, as I watched how hard Meg worked in running a 10 county race for Texas State Senate District 5. She knows exactly what’s involved in these races, and I’m so proud to have her support.

 retired Lieutenant Colonel 
 Brigid lester 

Brigid is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, who served as an Engineer in the US Army. She received her commission from the United States Military Academy and has the honor of being in the first West Point class to graduate women. She is a lifelong Democrat; in High School she volunteered to work in her Congressman's office (Congressman Don Edwards, California's 17th Congressional District). Read More

From Brigid: "I enthusiastically endorse Dr. Christine Eady Mann as our new Congressional Representative for Texas District 31."

I am so honored to have this endorsement from Brigid Lester!

 Murray Holcomb 
 Former Candidate and Physician 

I am honored to have gained the endorsement of former primary opponent in TX-31 and fellow physician, Dr. Murray Holcomb. Our fight to win TX-31 depends on the unity of our party fighting together for a representative who is truly for the people. 

"It is my honor and privilege to endorse the candidacy of Dr. Christine Mann for United States Congress in Texas's 31st District.

On rare occasions, difficult times reveal an individual who is capable and committed to affecting change for the common good. Now is one of those occasions and Dr. Mann is that individual."

- Dr. Murray A. Holcomb, MD FACS

Read More

 alan and amy kelley 
 veterans and philanthropists 

Alan Kelley is a decorated Army veteran. Graduate of Penn State’s MBA and JD programs. He works as a non-profit Executive, specializing in People & Culture Strategy. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Hope Alliance, a non-profit that serves survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Williamson County.

Amy Kelley is the daughter of a veteran who served in the Air Force for over 20 years. She is an alumni of the University of Oklahoma, graduating with honors, from the college of Social Work. She serves with the State of Texas providing support for families and children in central Texas. Read More

"We are proud and honored to endorse Dr Christine Mann for US Congress, TX31. Christine knows the issues, has thoughtful solutions, and most importantly she cares about everyone in our community."

So grateful for another endorsement!

 chuck freeman 

I'm happy to endorse Christine Mann for the Texas 31st Congressional District primary and general election. When I sit with Christine I don't see I politician. I see a compassionate, thoughtful, human being dedicated to grassroots democracy and integrity. Read More

This endorsement is very special to me. Rev. Chuck Freeman has been on the front lines in this district working tirelessly for the good of the people he serves. Thank you for your support, Chuck!

 Gerald Anderson 
 city leader 

"I am honored to endorse Christine Mann for The Democratic Party’s nominee for District 31 U.S. Congress. Christine is a well respected Doctor, Activist, and Leader in our community. She will bring a balanced and fair approach to the citizens of District 31 and a willingness to work across the aisle to do what’s best for our County, State and Country." Read More

I am so appreciative to receive this endorsement from a change-maker like City leader Gerald T. Anderson. TX-31 has a bright future with local leaders like him and I plan to serve this community with the same drive and understanding he displays.