"Love is Love" ― unknown

Despite recent progress, LGBTQIA+ Americans continue to face many challenges in the United States. LGBTQIA+ people face discrimination in employment, adoption, housing, and within the legal system. Discrimination rates are even higher for LGBTQIA+ people of color. LGBTQIA+ people can still be fired from their jobs in 28 states, and LGBTQIA+ youth face higher rates of bullying, suicide, and homelessness than their heterosexual peers. State legislatures continue to introduce hundreds of bills that seek to limit the rights of LGBTQIA+ people.

I look forward to the day when equality for LGBTQIA+ citizens is automatic and non-controversial and that laws to protect the LGBTQIA+ community are unnecessary. Until that time, I will stand with my fellow citizens and fight to protect:

  • Marriage equality.

  • Equal access to housing and employment without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Nondiscrimination in adoption proceedings.

  • Equality in military policies.

  • Full access to Health Information for spouses and partners.