• Christine Mann


Updated: Aug 7, 2019

As a candidate for Congress, I often get asked why I am running. And I tell people, I have #10000reasons - The stories I’ve heard from the 10,000 patients I have cared for over my two decades in practice as a family physician.

Stories from the mothers I care for who have lost their sons to gun violence. When I sit with them and comfort them, I know I can’t bring their sons back. But I can go to Congress and fight for #GunReformNow

Veterans that I care for who suffer the mental and physical wounds of their service. I know I can’t stop their nightmares or replace their lost limbs, but I can go to Congress and fight for legislation to give them the resources they need to recover.

Working families whose minimum wage jobs do not pay enough for them to afford their rent. I can’t pay their rent, but I can go to Congress and #FightFor15

Immigrants who come to me fearful for themselves and their families under the current administration. I can’t solve the prejudices that they face, but I can go to Congress to fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

Children with cancer who face loss of coverage due to their pre-existing medical conditions. I know that I might not be able to cure them, but I can go to Congress and fight for #SinglePayer Healthcare so that they will never be denied care.

I have heard thousands of these stories. And I carry them with me. I have dedicated my career to advocating for the patients I serve. I am eager to get to Congress and advocate for all of the constituents in my district.


Help me get there to fight for them and for all of you. Donate. Volunteer.


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