• Christine Mann

El Paso

I used to think that if we just made one more phone call; if we showed up one more time at our member of Congress's offices; if there were one more shooting; something would click and we would take the necessary steps to prevent these tragedies.

I was wrong.

There are too many people in positions of power who will never find it too much. No amount of death, blood, tears, or heartache will ever reach them. No number of phone calls or protests.

It's been 20 years since the Columbine massacre. Six and a half years since Sandy Hook. Four years since the Pulse Night Club shooting in Orlando.

And here we are again, torn apart, hurting, and feeling helpless.

There is no solution other than to vote out every Member of Congress who is not *on record* in favor of gun reform that we know, that we have proof, that we have data will lessen the carnage. This includes Democrats.

We are in the middle of primary season. If you care about this issue, you *must* get your Democratic candidates on record about what they will do to stop this. It is *not enough* to ask them if they decline NRA money. That's an easy one. And if you are in a red district, you must do everything you can, do all the work you can, to vote out every sitting Republican.

One quick way you can find out if your candidate is committed to gun reform is to see if they have been given the Mom's Demand Action Gun Sense certification. I've been an advocate of Mom's Demand for years, and this certification meant a lot to me in the last campaign. In contested primaries, they will give this certification to every candidate who meets their criteria, so if your candidate hasn't gotten this certification, they either did not care enough to seek it out, or they didn't meet their criteria.

Ask them why.

In the meantime, hold your loved ones close and keep those affected by this tragedy in your thoughts and prayers. Then commit to doing everything you can to change this.


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