• Christine Mann


#Enough is far from happening.

Here we are on the anniversary of Sandy Hook, and nothing has changed. Read the whole thing to find out why.

I've been operating under the notion that if we elect the right legislators, specifically Democrats, we can do something about these horrific massacres. I'm sure many of you thought the same thing.

I found out this past week that that is not necessarily the case.

At a forum for Democratic Congressional candidates in my district earlier in the week, we were asked to answer a simple yes/no question:

"If we were presented with legislation that would ban assault weapons with magazine capacities over 30 rounds, would we sign that legislation?"

Of the 6 Democratic candidates for my district, I was one of ONLY two, who answered with an unequivocal YES.

I listened in disbelief as my fellow Democratic candidates either answered no, or equivocated with their responses. Two even suggested that these weapons are safe on the streets as long as the owners were properly trained and registered.

In an online discussion that followed, some suggested that the other candidates were simply gauging the will of the voters in the district. After all, they argued, we are in a relatively conservative area.

I have two responses to that:

1. Assault weapons bans are popular, even here in Texas. We do not have to win every Republican vote to win this district, just a slice; and 24% of Texas Republicans are in favor of an assault weapons ban, along with a majority of Democrats and Independents. That is a winning coalition.

2. Would these same candidates vote against an expansion of voting rights if the majority of their constituents were against it? Would these candidates vote against marriage equality if their constituents were against it? How about abortion rights?

Being a leader requires leading, and the moral courage to do the right thing even if it is not popular. And in this case, the right thing IS popular, so there is no excuse for this stance.

I'm still in shock over these answers, and thoroughly disheartened.

But this isn't just on the candidates. It is on everyone who just assumes that any Democrat will support these policies.

Please, vet your candidates during the primaries, and support with your money and your time, those of us who will do everything we can to get to #ENOUGH.


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