• Christine Mann


I've been thinking a lot about the President's "shithole" comments and how I feel about them. And how I feel is sad. Here's why:

Meet the C.D. Fulkes Middle School Choir. Look at this picture. See their faces.

I had the pleasure of hearing the choir, directed by Heather Rosen, perform at the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration in Round Rock, Texas on Saturday. As I watched and listened to them sing, I realized why the President's words are so damaging. It is because of these kids.

When the President says these things, he is talking about these children's families, ancestors, and friends. He is denigrating who they are and where they and their families came from. He gives cover to those who would discriminate against them. He paves the way for others to keep placing barriers in their paths to success.

And this makes me deeply, distressingly sad.

We find ourselves in a time and place where too many of us are openly comfortable ignoring the humanity of others who don't look like us or don't come from the same place as us. The President has chosen to elevate this point of view into the highest office in our country. He is aided by so many who refuse to call out his words.

We cannot let these things go unanswered.

At a recent Meet and Greet, I had a participant offer that we need to change the culture. That we need to win over the hearts and minds of bigots and racists. And I agree.

But we don't have time for that.

For the sake of these children, the amazing children of C.D. Fulkes Middle School, and every other child, we must do the work to vote these people out. NOW.

These children cannot afford to wait until we effect cultural change. They need us to fight for them. NOW.

Please don't wake up on November 7, 2018 wishing you had done more. The time to do the work is NOW.

Get out of your comfort zone. Get involved. We can flip Congress and halt the ugliness that has entered the halls of the White House in November. We can limit the damage. And we must.

The children of C.D. Fulkes Middle School are counting on us. Let's not let them down.


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