• Christine Mann


Today, our representative in Congress, John Carter, voted with his Republican Colleagues, in favor of the misnamed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, AKA the #TaxScamBill.

This bill cuts corporate tax rates permanently, while individual rate cuts expire. High earners reap the biggest cuts. Other provisions allow individuals who get their wealth from investing instead of working, to receive even more benefit.

The bill adds $1.5 trillion to the deficit, and even conservative analysts agree that this deficit will not be offset by growth. So much for fiscal conservatism.

Additionally, the bill repeals the individual mandate to purchase insurance in the Affordable Care Act. While this may sound attractive, in reality it will lead to failure of the ACA market, skyrocketing premiums, and millions of uninsured Americans.

John Carter continues to fail his constituents. He continues to favor the wealthy at the expense of the poor. He continues to do what is in the interests of his donors, not the people is sworn to represent.

We can replace him next year.

When I am in Congress, I will champion legislation that favors the rest of us, not the 1%. I will fight for policies that support the poor and the middle class, like Universal Healthcare with a Single Payer model; Debt-free higher education and trade schools; Environmental policies to protect clean air and water and halt Climate Change; Banking regulations that take the power out of the hands of Wall Street; Equal rights for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, gender and religion; Investments in Infrastructure and Green Energy so we can create good paying jobs; A living wage so that no one has to worry about whether to pay for their mortgage or their food; A foreign policy that favors diplomacy over war making; Military policy that supports our troops, not the contractors who make outdated weapons of war; Criminal Justice reform that eliminates mandatory minimum sentencing and unjust incarceration of minority populations; and support for Voting rights so that all citizens can have their voices heard.

These are just a few of the causes I will fight for when I am elected.

They say that past is prologue, and that you can predict a person's future actions by their past actions. I have been advocating for people through my work for the past 20 years. I have been a lifelong Democrat with a long history of working to elect Democrats and enact progressive policies. And I've been in the street and in Congressional offices for the past year, where I have already started the fight on your behalf.

I would love to take that fight to Congress.


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