• Christine Mann

We Are Not Buying Her a Yacht

I need to take a minute to talk to you about the AHCA in light of today's CBO score.

I have been working as a family practice physician for 18 years. I was in practice before the ACA was passed, during it's implementation, and now, while the GOP is trying to repeal it. Before the ACA, patients would come in begging me to leave their diagnoses off of their records because they feared they would have difficulty getting coverage if the diagnoses were included in their charts. After the ACA passed, people came in after years of being unable to afford treatment for their medical conditions, finally able to seek the care they needed. Now, patients are coming in again, asking to leave their conditions off of their records.

What the GOP is doing is cruel and inexcusable. People with serious medical conditions have lived in fear for years, worried that at any moment, they could lose coverage due to their illnesses. Putting these patients in limbo like this infuriates me.

I have a 5 year old patient with leukemia. She will reach her lifetime maximum coverage before she is an adult. We are not buying her a yacht when we pay for her care. We are paying for her life.

I have a gentleman in his late 30's who had liver failure with no known cause, requiring a liver transplant. He was without insurance for a month, and his medication cost $4000. We are not buying him a vacation home in Switzerland when we pay for his medication. We are paying for his life.

I have a patient who has had multiple heart attacks before the age of 50 because of a genetic pre-dispostion to premature cardiac disease. He will become un-insurable under the AHCA. We are not buying him a sports car when we provide insurance coverage for him. We are paying for his life.

I hope that the rumors that the AHCA won't pass the Senate are true. But we have to remember that the GOP will continue to try to take this coverage away. They will not stop.

It is vital that we elect a Democratic Congress in 2018, so that we can move forward, not backward, and reach the goal of Universal Coverage. Until we have done this, we will continue to be at risk.

Help me take one of their seats. I will be a tireless advocate for you in Congress, just as I have been for my patients in practice.


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