While tonight may not have yielded the results we had hoped for, I have to give my respect and thanks to the grassroots movement we built in this district over the course of these three and half years. Volunteers from across Texas’s 31st district, elected officials, and community leaders stood behind me and my staff through it all. Our staff was made up of constituents who had worked on over 38 campaigns, from all levels of government, and they worked incredibly hard in TX-31.

Our campaign was unique in our structure, equity lens, and policy. We had a paid political staff that consisted predominantly of Black and Brown women from the district, we maintained outreach during a worldwide pandemic, and put forth policies that would never have been considered a few years ago. None of this is the standard campaign, and I could not be prouder of what we accomplished.

Congratulations to Donna Imam and best wishes as she takes on John Carter in November.